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The Digital Secret behind the most successful events.

Nowadays, venues have screens everywhere and one of the challenges event planners and marketers face is finding relevant and engaging content to fill those screens.

Wallrus solves this by combining a digital signage platform and social media display in a very easy to use package that can be set up online in a few minutes and then served to an unlimited number of screens.


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In events, there is always a #conversation.

Wallrus Combines a Twitter Wall, an Instagram Wall, and a video and image display system. Wallrus is simply the best tool to engage your audience at any event. With Wallrus running the show, you do not need anything else. Except maybe a smile now and then.

Set up an event in less than 5 minutes with our FREE or Basic versions. You can also take the time to customize our Pro version to make your event look just right.

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We know time is a luxury for you. So we made Wallrus the easiest social media wall to set up.

Create an event, Select (or create) a Hashtag, Select your desired Theme, Press “Go live”. Yep, you are done.

Get your family, coworkers, or friends tweeting and sharing pictures on Instagram and Twitter in no time. Create your free account now and try it for yourself.


Why should I use a social media display tool ?

Nowadays, every venue has screens everywhere and one of the challenge event planners and marketers face is finding relevant and engaging content to fill those screens.

Displaying content from Twitter & Instagram generally increases social media traffic by up to 400 %.

It is a great and cost effective way to increase buzz around your event. Get a hashtag trending, and increase the conversation around your brand or products.

Who should use Instagram / Twitter walls ?

Marketers and Brand Managers use Wallrus as a brand activation solution for on-site marketing.

Event Managers use Wallrus to engage and interact with their audience and also showcase their major sponsors.

Educational institutions, non-profits and government agencies (or entities) use Wallrus to showcase the conversation on social media and increase volume.

Let us know at @tweetthewallrus how you use Wallrus !

Why use a digital signage solution ?

When displaying social media content is not enough. You can also use Wallrus to showcase any other type of information in rotation that you would show in a Powerpoint. These can range from Sponsor Logos to event Schedule or even promotional videos.

The upside of letting Wallrus run the show is that you can edit and toggle every piece of content in real time on an unlimited number of screens.

What is included in the free package?

The Free version of Wallrus is Free Forever. It includes 3 different layouts to showcase content from 1 hashtag from twitter and Instagram and can be customised with our vast library of themes like any basic event.

You can also add your logo and customize the colors to match your event’s branding.

There is a 15 seconds Wallrus commercial every 8 minutes.

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